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TEAM BUILDING MISSION is a live online activity, meaning: it happens in real time! With the interaction between a Command Team (your crew in remote participation) and a Tactical Team (Fugativa’s staff in a physical location).

This Mission is a perfect way for integrating teams and colleagues that are working remotely or in different locations, as it requires on the spot exchange of information, brainstorming ideas and quick solutions in real time. All this through video calls and instant messaging.

The main objective is only achieved with the involvement of all participants in the search for the right solutions to a sequence of puzzles and challenges until the mission is completed.

interaction and communication will take place through video (Zoom), message (WhatsApp) and our website.

more infos:
email: fabio@fugativa.com.br
fone/whats: +55 11 997 905 711



Strengthen the team spirit and cooperation of your employees in an intelligent and engaging way


Reinforce positive leadership at a distance between leaders and the people led in their teams


Connect people from different areas, regions and teams in a dynamic, interesting and fun way


Train the remote management capability of resources and people in a creative, intelligent and challenging way to the right extent.

Through the operational channels (vídeo, audio and messages) your team – Command – will receive all information being collected by the Tactical Team, which will be in the field investigating for clues.

For each new found content, the Tactical Team (Fugativa’s staff) will upload the material for analysis by the Command.

The content will be sent sequentially, one step at a time, so it extremely important to keep open the website page indicated at the beginning of the mission. As well as the sequence of web pages that will follow, shall always be kept open.

When working on the laboratory website, the Command Team must find out how to access the various levels of security using the information collected during the evolution of the Mission.

The areas of the website are password secured and the Command will need the correct passwords to gain access to each area.

Click on the button for the corresponding area and on the new page that will open, enter the cracked password for access.

If correct, the page will become visible. On the other hand, if incorrect, it will continue to ask for a password.

more infos:
email: fabio@fugativa.com.br
fone/whats: +55 11 997 905 711


We take care of the entire process of inviting people and forming groups.

We organize the virtual rooms and the access of the people who will participate.

In the case of events with a large audience, we created an online agenda with different schedules so that people can guarantee their participation.

We can use other video technology, if it is more suitable for your event.


The game can be applied to several teams simultaneously, expanding the result of the activity.

Dozens of people participate, in separate groups, in the same activity at the same time.

This allows for agility in the transmission of your message about the importance of integration between people and their teams.



The content already used in the solution of some stage (puzzle or challenge) will no longer be used and can be dispensed with.

Stay focused on the next steps without worrying about the information that was left behind.

Everything necessary, including any external references, will be included in the experience material and will be made available at the appropriate time.



As in a traditional escape game, all support and hints for the solution of all puzzles and challenges will be provided by the Tactical Team.

If you want a help or tip to solve a certain stage, just call the team through the established communication channels (video and message) and receive additional information


Before you start, you and the people who will play with you should get organized and prepare the communication devices (mobile phones and computers), according to the instructions below:

install ZOOM app

Install the Zoom application on your computer or cell phone and register now.

It is a free application (we hire the paid version, you do not need to pay anything to use) and you will connect via the link we will send you before starting the experience.

You can find it in the download area of ​​apps on your phone and also in the link below:


Whatsapp Group

Create a WhatsApp group with all the participants, those who will be with you physically and those who will be remotelly connected, elsewhere.

Before starting, a Game Master team member will contact you and ask to be added to this group, to exchange messages throughout the experience.

It will also be useful in the case of technical issues and possible transmission failures.

Connected Browser

Part of the experience happens by accessing material on our website through the link that will be sent before starting the escape live.

For this, any browser connected to the internet can be used (chrome, opera, safari, firefox etc.).

We recommend using a computer (it is better than a mobile phone) for better viewing of the material.

more infos:
email: fabio@fugativa.com.br
fone/whats: +55 11 997 905 711